Some of the Services We Provide

Pet House Sitting Services

Pet House Sitting Services

Day care and overnight house and pet sitting

Inhouse exotic pet care such as degus, hedgehogs and a wide range small pets.

Inhouse exotic pet care

exotic pet care such as hedgehogs, degus, hamsters, snakes, lizards, bearded dragons

Birds such as African Greys, Finches, mynars, MacCalls

Bird Care

All birds. African Greys, MacCalls, Mynars, Budgies, Canaries, parrots, finches.

We Love your Pets –  they are family


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Some of our furry friends

Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish



Staffie’s and Jack Russell’s

Staffie’s and Jack Russell’s



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African Grey Parrot

Good day to you.

I know you enjoy and love your pets dearly.  That is why we enjoy looking after them whilst you are away for a while.

You want them to be cared for and loved the same why that you do.  We understand that.

This is the reason we started our specialized Critter Pet Care Business.  We have pets that need specialized care and we found when we wanted to go away that we could not find someone that specializes in exotic and different pets.

We have only just decided to put up a website to highlight what we do.

Our regular customers have been with us since 2006 and all our pets have come to us for care through word of mouth.

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